Wire Pegs

Never buy pegs again!

Millions of broken clothes pegs are dumped in landfill everyday. WirePegs.com offer an environmentally friendly, long lasting and durable solution using high quality stainless steel wire pegs that will change your life and save you money in the long run! 

The pegs are 5.8cm long and the grade 201 stainless steel wire that they are made of is 1.75mm in diameter.

Under normal conditions, if you are not too close to the ocean with its salty air, they won’t rust. They don’t break or fall apart, because the whole peg is made up out of just one single piece of wire.

If you do live close to the ocean you should rather go for the grade 304 stainless steel wire pegs that you also find in my shop. Be assured that they will still be there when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone.

Order a bag for yourself, or they are a perfect gift idea; you will be remembered every washing day!




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