Willow Zen

Welcome to WillowZen – The Art Of Farming…

We grow premium Authentic Free Range Eggs in Willow Grove, Gippsland.  You will find the top quality eggs and be assured that our hens are living freely as they should be. 

At WillowZen with around 3,000 hens, our density rate is 130 hens per hectare. By comparison, many free range farms stock up to 10,000 per hectare – on our farm that would be equal to 240,000 birds!

This means our hens get fresh pasture every day.  It means our hens don’t need to be de-beaked.

Protected by Maremma dogs and alpacas our hens are free to range from movable trailers. They are free to be hens – to scratch, dust bathe and explore while eating pasture.

To support them in their laying, we feed the hens milled grain feed that has no hormones, artificial additives or colours.

Rest easy, following permaculture principles, at WillowZen we haven’t used any herbicides, pesticides, fungicides (or any other ‘cides) on our pasture since we bought our farm in 2006.

At WillowZen, we live ethical farming.


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3490 Old Sale Rd
Trafalgar VIC 3824