Rick Grant is the leading Gluten Free Chef/Baker and Allergen Friendly IP developer in Australia today.

Rick has gained his reputation over the past 30 years through research and development of over 200 delicious products and recipes.

This passion was born from Rick’s wife Rhonda being diagnosed Coeliac back in the early eighties which was quite uncommon. There were very few gluten free foods or products available and what was available were quite un-appetising to say the least.

Over a number of years Rhonda also became intolerant to dairy, yeast, soy, preservatives, colourings and additives and also suffers from fructose malabsorbtion. Some recipes were changed and more recipes developed which allowed Rick’s range of products to be available for a wider, faster growing health and Allergen Friendly market.

Rick Grant has now created Australia’s first dedicated Allergen Friendly Online Cooking School!

With over 30 years experience in Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly cooking and product developement, Australia’s leading allergen friendly Chef, Rick Grant (AKA Uncle Rick), will teach you some of his favourite recipes that include essential techniques and easy to follow video step-by-step instructions.

The Rick Grant Online Cooking School will cover recipes for Gluten Free, Fodmap, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Vegetarian and Paleo diets.

Rick Grant, is passionate about great tasting gluten free and allergen friendly foods that can be made easily, confidently and that the whole family will enjoy.

All Members also have access to the Online ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ Wholesale Ingredient Store.


Let Uncle Rick teach you his secrets!

Learn from the Master Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Chef Rick Grant (aka Uncle Rick).

Rick will teach you the secrets of preparing Gluten Free, Fructose Friendly and Allergen Friendly foods the whole family will enjoy.

The one day courses include Beginners Class, Family Meals, Bread and Rolls Master Class, Savoury Pastry Master Class and Sweet Pastry Master Class. All Master Classes have no more than 6 people at a time.

All Classes include lunch and wine (coffee, teas etc), product to take home, recipes and fun! Everyone that books takes home a delicious Uncle Ricks Gluten Free éclair!

Prices start at $110 for the beginner and family cooking classes, and the Master Classes are $150.00.

All menus for classes will be designed for all food intolerance and allergies.

Venue: The classes are held at Ricks Country Oasis in Upper Beaconsfield 40 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

Hours: Arrive 11:15am classes start at 11:30am and Finish at 2:30pm

When: Cooking School Days are Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

For bookings or enquiries: Please phone Rhonda 1800 817 970Members



For further information regarding the Online Cooking School please phone us on
(03) 59444970

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