Hydrosyph is a low cost watering system for trees and plants. It is used to establish the root system of trees, shrubs and plants during the vital first 6 to 8 weeks following planting and then to provide water to the plant while it is becoming established.

Hydrosyph works by creating an underground micro-environment allowing the root system to develop and allowing the plants to mature even during drought conditions. Using Hydrosyph allows you to plant at any time of the year not just during the season when there is rainfall.

This is not just another watering system. Hydrosyph will deliver the right amount of water or water/fertilizer solution to each plant’s root system. There is no water sitting on the surface to evaporate. Water is delivered directly to the root system.

Hydrosyph holds 10 litres of water and can water your tree or plant for up to 6 weeks.

Hydrosyph Uses

Hydrosyph can be used in many different areas, soils and weather conditions including;
  • ParksStreet trees Shire of Wickepin Western Australia
  • Gardens
  • Road-side Plantings
  • Restoration of Mine and Earth Moving Sites
  • Reforestation Projects
  • Water Catchment Areas
  • Commercial Building Gardens
  • Residential Gardens
  • Orchards
  • Food Crops
  • Farm Shelter and Fodder Trees

Potential Users of Hydrosyph

People and organisations that use Hydrosyph include;
  • Mining Companies Using mulch to cover Hydrosyph Shire of Wickepin Western Australia
  • Local Government
  • Land Care Groups
  • Farmers
  • Road Construction Contractors
  • Orchardists
  • Tree Plantation Organisations
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Residential Gardeners

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Advantages of Using Hydrosyph

  • Saves time as there is no need to water every dayHydrosyph used in poor sandy soil
  • Saves money on labour costs for watering
  • Saves water as the 10 litres in Hydrosyph can last up to 6-8 weeks
  • You can plant any time of the year 
  • You can use Hydrosyph to dispense liquid fertiliser directly to the root system
  • Hydrosyph will last 2 years or more so once one tree is established it can be moved to a new one

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