Geelong Solar Energy is an eco-friendly solar company that specializes in the supply and installation of high quality solar power systems. Locally owned and operated we service Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and the Greater Geelong District.

What we offer our customers:

The opportunity to deal with a local Geelong based solar company with a proven track record of high quality solar installations using only tier one solar panels and A grade inverters.

product line that has been carefully selected for quality, reliability, efficiency and longevity. We want our systems to last and our customers to have the best solar systems in Geelong.

Systems for all residentialbusiness and commercial applications offering free on site quotes and expert advice.  

Great pride in our workmanship, we believe in doing the job right the first time, we don’t take short cuts and our tradesman will treat your home with great care and respect.

We Listen to our customers, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service to our customers form the initial solar assessment to the solar installation and our after sales service is second to none.


Why buy a quality solar power system?

Your solar power system should last a minimum of 25 years and a good quality system should last over 40 years so we believe it makes good financial sense to invest in a quality solar power system that is going to give you the best return on your investment over a longer period of time.

Solar panels may look similar but they are definitely not the same, there are hundreds of different panels that have been certified for sale in Australia, and they all have similar output warranties on paper, but, that is where the similarity stops, they are not all the same. Why risk your hard earned dollars on a cheap system when you can invest in an A Grade solar panel with a proven track record of high quality testing procedures, world class research and development (in Australia and overseas), a technological leader in the solar industry and years of real world testing. 

Inverters are the brains of the system and with the ever increasing amount of failures of cheap quality inverters it pays to go with a top of the range inverter like an SMA, Zeversolar or Aurora. We don’t want to sell our customers something that we wouldn’t use ourselves and may have to be replaced three times over during the life of the system. 

By choosing to supply the best quality components we know that our systems will keep delivering more power over a longer period of time, resulting in a higher overall yield, further savings and a reduced overall cost of the system. Invest in a quality system and it will pay for its self many times over.

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