Adventure Guides Australia

Adventure Guides Australia helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

Conducting high quality educational, recreational and corporate adventures, with either single and multi-day adventures at a range of locations including Mount Buffalo National Park, Bright, Beechworth, Melbourne and surrounds, Buchan Caves and The Otways.

Challenge yourself with an amazing abseiling adventure, from a ten metre decent for the young beginner through to a 300 metre multi pitch expedition from the north wall of the gorge in the Mount Buffalo National Park. If you are a visitor to Beechworth, enjoy a half day abseiling adventure from the gorge looking out across the valley as you descend.

For those who like a challenge and a dash of added adventure, underground river caving is for you. Crawl through holes, climb up waterfalls and squirm your way through the spectacular granite boulder infill cave. If you are very lucky, you will see the ceiling of the caverns glow like stars at night with the spectacular variety of glow worms which are endemic to the region.

With so many options available, Adventure Guides Australia is the right choice – kayak along the white water rapids of the Ovens River, strike gold in Beechworth or Bright or see the highlights of majestic Mount Buffalo. From solo adventurers, couples, families, schools, community groups and corporate team building.

Many thousands of adventurers have achieved extraordinary things by joining our adventures. From smiles to life changing experiences – Adventure Guides Australia offers you a chance to find yourself in adventure.

Adventure Guides Australia
Adventure Guides Australia